If your home or business has been broken into or vandalized, you are left with not only a sense of loss, but also a lot of mess to clean up. At J&J Contracting our restoration specialists are here to help you clean up your property, and get back to the way things were before. When you are left at a loss after a vandalism happens, call us first to help get everything put together again.

Las Vegas, a Target for Vandalism

In Las Vegas vandalism happens more often than you can imagine. As a 24 hour town there is plenty of traffic during the evening hours, and this allows for less savory individuals the opportunity to be hidden during their vandalizing activities. Protect your property by appearing to be home or monitoring it through camera or security services. The best way to avoid vandalism is to not make yourself a target.

Types of Vandalism

Some people consider vandalism to be graffiti or breaking and entering. The truth is that vandalism takes many forms and can be a single small act, or a series of larger, more offensive acts over a period of time. While many vandalism acts are in fact a small tag on the exterior of a building, vacant property owners may be more aware that vandalism can become a weekend party leaving you to clean up the mess. Often it isn’t the original act that does the most damage. Stealing a refrigerator might be difficult to swallow, but the broken water line that has been dripping overnight or even days causes expensive damage to your entire property. There are any number of seemingly small activities that can really ad up.

Common Vandalism Activities Include

  • Theft that Went Wrong
  • Burglary or Breaking & Entering
  • Copper Theft
  • Remove Refrigerator & the line breaks
  • Vacant Homes or Properties

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