Sewage Backup & Cleanup

Sewage has an unmistakable smell, and if you have sewage backing up into your property, you want the smell, and everything that comes along with it, gone for good. What may have started as a slow drain can quickly escalate to a revolting aroma and suddenly sewage is in places it doesn’t belong. On some occasions you don’t even have warning of a malfunctioning or backed up sewage system, but suddenly it’s flooding your property. If this is the case on your property, contact the professional sewage backup and cleanup specialists at J&J Contracting to thoroughly clean up the area and return your property to it’s previous condition.

Why Your Sewer Backs Up

When J&J Contracting arrive at a home or commercial property for a sewer backup there are usually one of three culprits; a clog, tree roots, or broken lines. Often there are warning signs to watch for, and if you keep an eye out for it, you may be able to spot the problem and have it resolved, before sewage actually begins to rise from your drain. If you suspect any  of the following are starting to occur, contact J&J Contracting immediately, so that you aren’t left with an emergency sewage situation.

A Clog Has Developed

Just like your drain pipes, your sewer pipes may become clogged, which ultimately results in a sewage backup in your home or on your commercial property. While a drain may start to slow as build up starts to accumulate over time, if you notice a slowing in every drain in your home or on your property, a clogged sewage line is likely the reason. Another tell-tell signs of clogs is that all your toilets backup after you flush them.

Tree Roots Have Invaded

In Las Vegas we have trees with roots that spread horizontally across lawns and through our rough and rugged soil. Just because there aren’t trees directly above your sewage line doesn’t mean that you are free from a sewage line invasion. Tree roots wreak havoc on sewer lines by breaking through them and causing holes or even wrapping around them and crushing them. Often the signs of a tree line doing either of these include wet spots on the property accompanied by foul odor or a slowing of all the drains on a property over time.

Broken or Collapsed Sewage Lines

In older home sewer lines back up because they become broken, collapsed, or cracked. While standards have changed in home and commercial sewer line builds, older homes used materials that deteriorate over time. The warning for these types of sewer line problems usually starts with a small backup, but may quickly become a larger problem.

If you experience a small sewer line backup, or a massive one, contact the J&J Contracting team in Las Vegas. We can have a licensed plumber come take a look at the cause of your problem, and our team is here to help you cleanup your property. Our restoration specialists will remove all odors, and fully remove the debris that accompanied your sewage backup, restoring your home or property back to normal.

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