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Almost every environment indoors has mold, at least at a low level. However, when it starts to be visible and smelly you definitely have a problem. Besides creating significant damage to your property, mold produces irritants and allergens that cause adverse health effects.

Every insurance company looks for an experienced contractor that can accurately assess damages caused by mold and mildew. While it’s impossible to completely remove mold from a property as the microscopic spores are basically everywhere, J&J Contracting LLC can remove porous materials where mold thrives and prevent further spread with our mold and mildew remediation services.

J&J Contracting LLC is a full-service general contractor providing mold and mildew remediation in Las Vegas, working with most insurance companies to restore the condition of your home or business. Since we see business owners and homeowners in different states of emergency on a daily basis, we make sure to respond as quickly as possible, sending our team to minimize damage and advance with the remediation process.

What is mold?

Mold is a fungus that’s incredibly important to our ecosystem as they help decompose organic materials. Even though mold is necessary to nature, it’s quite harmful if it grows indoors. Mold grows in humid and warm conditions and spreads through spores. This causes structural and cosmetic damages to your property. It’s extremely common to experience mold problems after a flood. 

What is mildew?

Also a fungus, mildew is easy to identify because it grows on flat surfaces, it has a powdery texture and is white or gray in color. Like mold, it has a distinct musky odor and causes health problems. Mildew thrives on moist and warm areas and it’s a bit easier to take care of. However, you’ll still need the help of an experienced team to properly remediate mold and mildew in your property.

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