Meet the Team

Javier Ibarra
Operations Manager
Javier began his career in this industry in 2003 as a certified plumber, running new residential projects throughout the Valley. Javier gained ample experience over the years with all types of construction/ building situations. After working in a leading re-pipe company for a few years together with his brother, Juan; they discovered there was a great need for detail during the re-constructions and after unforeseen damages to the homeowners property. Reason why Javier focuses on customer service and making sure that every detail is covered.

Juan Carlos Ibarra
General Manager
Juan Carlos has been working in the construction and building industry since 2003. The reason that he started young has given him the experience and knowledge to perform all tasks needed to comply with the industry’s standards. He is hands on and always involved with each of the projects. His work integrity makes him very detail oriented and focused on completing any job on time and gaining customers satisfaction.

Dinah Cuevas
Office Manager
Dinah is our Office Manager. She handles all of our Human Resources responsibilities as well as all of our Accounting, among other duties. Her Administrative background of over 20 years has made the office run smoothly and efficiently in all areas as needed.

Vicky Rodriguez
Billing and Collections
Vicky works alongside the Project Coordinators by handling billing and collecting payments due from customers that have had their homes restored but have not closed their accounts. She’s able to close accounts with great customer service and timely follow up.