Large Loss

Owners and managers of large properties in Las Vegas understand what is at risk when a large loss occurs. While many people think of the larger strip casinos regarding a large loss, it can actually happen to many smaller properties as well. A large loss can be as little as two or three buildings or two or three floors within a single building. That could be less than a few dozen rooms, suites, or apartments.

Commercial Large Loss Specialists

At J&J Contracting we are loss recovery specialists for the greater Las Vegas area. While large loss refers to commercial properties, we understand that there are sometimes individuals affected as well. In the event that a large loss, or catastrophic event happens to a weekly or monthly property, an apartment complex, or rooms in use, there are any number of lives that have been touched. We consider these instances, and the circumstances surrounding them, while we work to recover your loss and rebuild.

Large Loss Sites & Claims

When you work with J&J Contracting, our first goal is to make you whole again. We work with our property owners and managers to get your property back online, at capacity, and earning you income again. This includes us working directly with the insurance company on your claim. As routine for us, we help catalog and log the items that need to be replaced, allowing your insurance company to process your claim quickly, minimizing the amount of time that money is out of your pocket.

When you experience a loss at your large, commercial property, you should contact J&J Contracting to start rebuilding today.

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