Heavy Wind & Structural Damage

Few cities have the amount of sudden and heavy winds that Las Vegas experiences. In some instances these winds we experience as normal may cause structural damages or create a “perfect storm” for other damages to occur to your property. When damages are caused by heavy winds, you need a restoration company you can trust, like J&J Contracting, to fully restore your property to it’s previous condition.

In the Eye of the Storm

Even a seemingly light storm can cause extensive and even catastrophic damages to your residential or commercial property in Las Vegas. It is not uncommon for trees to be uprooted, and water from a storm to cause severe damages to your structures and properties. In most instances it isn’t the wind that causes the damage, it is the debris picked up by the wind that causes the most damages to your property.

Even in a desert, like Las Vegas, tree limbs may be picked up by a wind storm and push them through windows, walls, siding, and worse. Without breaks for wind the buildings and structures in Las Vegas are left to face the wind, and the debris it brings with it, head on. You need a storm damage restoration company that faces the task of rehabilitating your property the same way, and that’s why Las Vegas property owners choose J&J Contractors.

Disaster Clean Up Experts

As your locally owned and operated,  licensed disaster cleanup specialists, we take pride in rebuilding our community after disaster strikes. During periods with heavy storms, wind, and rain, we are often bombarded with calls from residential and commercial property owners, as they know they can trust us to get their properties back to a functional state fast, and without cutting corners. Your property, especially your siding, roofing, and windows can be affected and may need immediate repairs to prevent further damage. We dispatch a team to help prevent more damage, and begin the process of assessing damage and repairs.

Fast Response, Thorough Completion

With extensive training, our team is able to respond immediately in your time of need, reducing further property damages, and beginning the inspection and repair process. We will thoroughly inspect all elements of your property and the damages, including removal of fallen trees, property reconstruction, window replacement and interior restoration.

When our team leaves you will likely feel a sense of relief, knowing that repairs are well under way, and that help is right there by your side. If you are suffering from the damages of heavy winds or storms that have run through Las Vegas, contact J&J Contracting today.

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