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No matter the size of the fire, nothing prepares us for the devastating damage it causes. In order to prevent complete destruction, it’s extremely important to act as quickly as possible. However, before starting the restoration process, it’s crucial to know the extent of the damage. Are you looking for fire restoration in Las Vegas? You’re in the right place!

Insurance companies look for experienced contractors to accurately assess damages after a fire. Thoroughly cleaning up a fire damaged property and returning it to pre-fire condition is something that can be achieved through a reliable general contractor like J&J Contracting LLC.

J&J Contracting LLC is a full-service general contractor providing fire restoration in Las Vegas, working with most insurance companies to turn around catastrophic events. On a daily basis, we see business owners and homeowners in different states of emergency. For this reason, we make sure to respond as quickly as possible, dispatching cleanup and response teams to minimize damage and advance with the restoration process.

Work with the best

The first step to the fire restoration process is to assess how much smoke or fire damage there is in your property. Knowing how deep the fire penetrated your property’s structure and which of your belongings are exactly damaged by the smoke, soot, heat, or fire, are some of the things we document for insurance purposes. We immediately remove from your property furniture and items that were untouched by the fire.

 A fast response reduces and limits further damage, reducing cost. When you contact our team of dedicated professionals, you can rest assured that our only goal is to restore your property as much as possible, using specialized equipment and techniques.

How it works

  • Damage Assessment: This is key to determine what needs to be restored, how long it will take, and the approximate cost. 
  • Damage Control: We remove salvageable items from the property. Then we make sure fire damaged surfaces are covered. 
  • Cleaning: Our team will clean and sanitize damaged surfaces and remove soot. Some small repairs can be made as well.
  • Listing and Replacing Damaged Items: Wallpaper, electrical sockets, flooring, and furniture may need replacement. We make a list of items to be replaced for insurance purposes.
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