Fire Damage Restoration

Few experiences are as traumatic as having your home catch fire and having your belongings, memories, and feeling of safety go up in flames. But if any experience comes close it’s walking into your hone after the smoke has cleared and the firefighters have left the scene. Depending on the circumstances of your fire there may be an active investigation for arson, or it may be an easily closed case of malfunction or accident. Unlike places like Southern California we don’t suffer from frequent wildfires, but we still receive our fair share off fires in Las Vegas.

Once you are permitted to reenter your property, the process of cleaning up and putting the pieces of your life back together may begin. When this happens you need a Las Vegas fire damage restoration company like J&J Contracting by your side. With help from our team we can remove the debris and damage completely, rebuild structural and cosmetic elements that have been damaged and destroyed, and help you get back to life as usual.

Fire Damage: Flame, Smoke & Flood

First there was a fire in your home or business, and that’s when the real damage started. The lingering smell of smoke that penetrated throughout your property. And as if that weren’t enough, to stop the fire a firefighter came through your property, hosing every square inch down with water, essentially flooding it. Now you are left with a fire, smoke and water damaged property, often it’s difficult to know where to start.

If you are experiencing this situation, or know someone that is, send them to the professional fire, smoke and water damage restoration company, J&J Contracting in Las Vegas. We frequently help home, business, and property owners restore their properties to pre-fire conditions. The company you choose to help you in retiring your property damaged by fire can make all the difference in erasing the damage completely and finally.

Nothing can erase the traumatic memories, but with the J&J Contracting team we can help erase the damage.

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