Building Damage

If your residential or commercial property suffers from damage, cosmetic or structural, you don’t have to live with it anymore. Start down the path of restoring your property back to the desired state by contacting the specialists at J&J Contracting today. Our team has the knowledge, tools, advanced technology, and experience to ensure that your building, regardless of the extent of damages, is fully restored.

Assessment to Repair

J&J Contracting offers a full range of repairs, but the most important part of repairing your building from damages is the assessment. Our meticulous approach to discovering the extent of damage, whether it’s from normal wear and tear, construction defects, water, smoke or fire damage, or spreading mold, we find the source and determine it’s breadth. Once we have fully assessed the damage, and had a lengthier conversation regarding your expectation, we can create a necessary plan of action and get to work.

Where other contractors only perform the repairs you point out, our Las Vegas restoration team are qualified well beyond simple repairs. We believe that your property won’t live up to your expectations, or you may only uncover problems further down the line, if we don’t properly perform an assessment. With the proper restoration service, and strategy, J&J Contracting can help prolong the life of your Las Vegas building. Our precision in scope of work and evaluation of cost help you make a fair and effective insurance claim. In fact, we will place the claim with your insurance company and take the heavy work off your hands. In most instances you can pay us your deductible directly and never come out of pocket even one cent more.

Building Damage Restoration Pros

Other restoration companies only provide you with one option, it is our goal to have an honest conversation with the property owners we work with. Your J&J Contracting restoration project manager will discuss all the available options, ultimately leaving final decisions to you. It is this approach that has left us with a long track record of resolving property and building damages above and beyond our client’s expectations. We don’t just fix a single problem we help you make a confident decision regarding your preferences, future plans for your property, and of course consider your budget.

Building Damage Restoration Services Include

  • Fire Damage Consulting
  • Smoke Damage Consulting
  • Water Damage Consulting
  • Construction Defect Consulting
  • Damages Investigations & Assessments
  • Cost Estimates & Scope of Work
  • Water Intrusion & Floods
  • Drainage, Water Supply & Plumbing Damages
  • Mold & Mildew Remediation

Regardless of the type, extend and longevity of your building damages, contact the J&J Contracting team. We can help fully restore your building, allowing you to make the best use of your space in the years to come.

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