Biohazard and Crime Scene Cleaning and Restoration

At J&J Contracting we are your emergency services and disaster cleanup company serving the greater Las Vegas valley. Our professional team of biohazard trained cleanup and restoration service providers are here to help you get your home or business back to it’s previous state after a biohazard, crime scene, suicide, homicide, or hoarding clean. Put our experience to work on your next project by contacting us today.

Biohazard Cleanup & Restoration Services

Blood & Body Fluids
Decontamination & Disinfection
Sewage Backup Cleanup & Sanitation
Deodorization & Odor Control
Crime Scene Cleanup & Restoration
Hoarding Cleanup & Restoration
Dead Body Cleanup & Deodorization

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

No one can turn back time, but at J&J Contracting our professional biohazard can restore your property to it’s pre-loss condition, helping you, and your family, to move forward. You’ll surely be amazed as remediation efforts as our team begins the process of rebuilding your home or office as quickly as possible. A stringent process is following to prevent potentially infectious materials from further contamination during removed from the site.

Hazardous Materials Handling

All identified hazardous medical waste is handled in compliance with OSHA regulations, appropriately processed, and sent to a licensed hazardous medical waste incinerator. Any porous materials, such as fabric and carpeting, are removed in accordance with our professional standards as well as all applicable government regulations. All other affected materials that are not considered hazardous are removed or professionally decontaminated and sanitized, depending on your specific situation. Remaining materials such as drywall and flooring may be sealed, usually for cosmetic reasons, to cover any stains from the incident.

The Right Choice for Las Vegas Biohazard Cleanup

At J&J Contracting the largest difference our clients see between us and competitors is quality and compassion. From the moment you meet our crew you will be met with compassion and understanding. In our line of work we frequently encounter and cleanup more than homes. We help families to move, or start fresh. The other defining difference is the the quality of our remediation services, and the speed in which we deliver them. We don’t cut corners, and when selecting finishes we work directly with property owners to ensure the best possible outcome. It is our commitment to do whatever it takes to restore and recover your Las Vegas property.

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